Teachers Resource

The Forestry Education Van was designed as a teaching resource at many levels. It complements two teaching resources, aiding learning objectives in the Grades 3 and 5 Social Studies and Science curriculum: Community Development -The History of Logging (Grade 3) and Our Living Resource - The Forest (Grade 5).

Exterior Murals
The exterior murals tell a story of the past and present of forestry in BC. From the use of springboards, axes and the crosscut saw to the use of feller bunchers, skidders and loaders, illustrating the advances in efficiency, technology, safety, planning, research, forest management and gender equality in the forest industry.

The back wall display represents timber in the southern Interior that is harvested commercially. The three major species of trees harvested here—spruce, pine and fir—or SPF is the most common dimensional lumber sold at retail outlets. Scale models can be viewed throughout the rear of the van, representing the machinery and equipment used in road building and local harvesting operations.

Murals and Wildlife Tree
The interior murals were painted by Vernon youth to demonstrate the use of the forest by humans and by nature itself. Not only do we use the forest for wood, but also for recreational activities such as fishing, camping, hunting, ATVing, snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling. Nature also uses the forest for habitat, nesting, nutrition and other activities, depicted by the wildlife tree.

Forest Products
The forest products display, created by the Canadian Women in Timber, shows some of the every day things that are made from trees. Obvious products include paper, lumber, apple boxes and packaging, but there’s also toothpaste, Ketchup and medicines.

Book the Forest Education Van
Our Forest Education Van can visit you at your school free of charge within the southern Interior region. Donations or honorariums to assist in funding the ILA Forest Education Van are encouraged but are not required. The Van can also be seen on display at forestry events around the province.

Book our Forest Education Van
pdfILA Van Booking Form
For more information on how to book the ILA Forest Education Van to visit your community, please call the Interior Logging Association office at 250-503-2199 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download Primary Activity Booklet: Grades 2-3

Download Intermediate Activity Booklet: Grades 4-7